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  The story of the Algerian humanitarian convoy that arrived to Gaza Strip
by Adli Al-Baraqouni-humanitarian voice - 2010-09-15

Ammar Al-Talibi with humanitarian voice correspondent

This is the story of the Algerian humanitarian convoy that arrived to Gaza Strip last week , after a very long journey full of hardships ,to deliver relief assistance and brake the Israeli siege imposed on the coastal enclave since more than four years.

Before leaving Gaza, after accomplishing their task, Humanitarian voice correspondent In Gaza Nasr Al-Gharabli met with the convoy’s director, Dr.Ammar Al-Talibi, and had the following dialogue with him :

- From where did the idea of the convoy come ? and how it was organized ?

The idea came to support the residents of Gaza and to brake the Israeli siege ,in addition to presenting some gifts to the besieged people of Gaza and alleviate their suffering under the oppressive Israeli blockade.

For this purpose, the association of Algerian scholars has addressed the Algerian people, businessmen, and philanthropists urging them to support the Palestinian people , consequently we obtained all these relief material, and we coordinated with the concerned parties to get the entry visas through the Algerian embassy in Egypt and Egypt’s government.

What is the number of the participants in the convoy ?

The number of the participants is 30 persons from the scholars association and Algerian businessmen , and they were divided into two groups : the first included 17 persons who entered Gaza with part of the relief trucks ,while the other stayed in Al-Arish seaport to upload the rest of the relief material and transport them to Gaza through Al-Ouja crossing.

- Have you faced any obstacles while in way to Gaza Strip ?

As we have coordinated with the Egyptian Red Crescent and with The Arab Doctors Union, as well as with the chairman of emergency and relief committees, thanks to Allah we did not face any obstacles that delayed us or prevented us from reaching and entering Gaza Strip to deliver the assistance material we brought with us…the Egyptian government was very cooperative, as well as the free people of Gaza.

- What distinguishes this Algerian relief convoy from other convoys ?

The convoys coming to Gaza have the same objective to fulfill the basic needs of Gaza residents. Also the people of Gaza himself specified the items they needed , and the only difference this time is that we brought all the relief materials from Algeria, while other convoys used to bring a small part from their countries and buy the other part from Egypt.

- What is the nature of the relief materials that were delivered from the Algerian people to Gaza?

The relief materials varied according to the needs of Gaza residents like clothes , medicines, school material, as we are starting a new scholastic year , in addition to a new issue which is the Algerian hospital that we inaugurated with our Palestinian brothers.

- Have you coordinated with the caretaker government of Gaza to deliver the relief material, before entering to Gaza ?

We have coordinated with the government indirectly , and through unofficial channels with representatives of Health Ministry to know their needs of medicines. Also we coordinated with Al-Wi’am association , and the Arab Doctors Union.

- Could you describe to us the feelings of the Algerian people towards Gaza blockade?

In terms of geography words, Gaza residents are too far from Algerian people,but they feel its love in their hearts ,and hope to come to Gaza, as an indication to this , when we announced about our travel to Gaza a girl-child came to me with 20 dinars saying “ this is for the children of besieged Gaza “ another child brought a golden bracelet saying “ this is a gift to a Gazan youth who memorized the Qu’ran and wants to get married, so that he may present is to his wife”

- What are the most important solidarity aspects characterizing the Algerian people with Gaza ?

We are delivering cultural, political, and religious lectures to raise the awareness of the Algerian people regarding the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian history, in addition of reminding them of what is happening at the holy Mosque of Al-Aqsa…And all the Algerian people is supporting the Palestinian people ,especially the oppressed and besieged Gaza.

- Do you have any plans for future convoys ?

We are exerting efforts with the Arab Parliamentarians under the chairmanship of Algeria, and they intend to organize a new convoy to Gaza soon..And we hope to go with them if it will be possible for us.

- What do you think about the situation in Gaza ?

We found Gaza building itself through its youth and this is the most important issue, we also met with those youth and good believer caring for the holy Qu’ran…Gaza youth proved their steadfastness and readiness to defend their land ,and I think they are undefeatable…we found Gaza bigger and greater than what we have imagined.

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