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WAMY supporting Muslim youth in Eastern Europe

WAMY, World Assembly of Muslim Youth support muslim centers and muslim youth in Estern Europe

Health sector is heading towards a crisis, and we seek self-sufficiency

Palestinian official : The health situation in Gaza is very bad and is heading to the worst

Returning to Gaza - Abu Yousef

Ishmahil Blagrove speaks to Abu Yousuf, the founder of the humanitarian aid charity Interpal

Al Astal: we have creative potentialities and I call for developing the scientific research

The Palestinian physician, Zakariya Yahya Al Astal, said Palestinians have creative potentialities but the crippled political, social and economic circumstances imposed against them hinder their oppor

Husam Khdir: Oslo Agreement harmed the refugees’ cause

Husam Kadir, Chairman of the Committee for Refugees’ Rights, warned of the lack of interest in the refugees cause 61 years after their expulsion from their homeland.

Salameh: Volunteerism is an important cornerstone for development of the Palestinian society

The day to day life of the Palestinian people had impacted its ability and energy to develop the society. In an exclusive interview, Bilal Salameh, director of the Society Service Center at An-Najah

Dr. Alhowaihi: The siege is depriving us of many opportunities

Dr. Nabil Alhowaihi from the School of Information Technology at the Islamic University, was chosen by the American Maqruis Who’s Who, as a person who distinguished himself worldwide.

Dr. Haitham Manna: The war on Gaza united freedom-loving people from all continents, religions, races, and affiliations

He is a human rights activist, bold, educated, holds a mixture of the contradictions of ease of living and life's harshness, as he likes to describe himself.

Reports & Research

Millions of Somalians are still in need of relief aid

FEWS Net warns that millions of Somalians are still in need of food and relief aid

Empowering Palestinian families through productive projects

Empowering the Palestinian Families Project aims at empowering Palestinan families through gene for

Syrinan actor Dureid Laham visiting Gaza

Renowned Syrian actor Dureid Lahham visiting Gaza and denouncing Israeli leaders and Israeli crimes

Olive tree , symbol of peace in Palestine

Nidal Sakr, a writer and peace activist speaking about the ordeal of Palestine occupation

Hajj restrictions on elderly and children due to swine flu

Recommendation by Muslim scholars backing the restrictions on elderly and children from giong to Hajj

Sufferings of Gaza children due to last Israeli war

A scientific study reveals some sufferings of Palestinan children after the last Israeli war on Gaza

Palestinian suffering due to Israeli occupation

World Popular Conference for the Support of Palestine and its Global Humanitarian Declaration

Qurtuba charitable ..giving together

Qurtuba charity was launched to provide help and to alleviate the sufferings of the Southern Gaza citizens


The Hague Convention IV of 1907

The following is the full text of the 1907 Hague Convention IV:

Fourth Geneva Convention

The Fourth Geneva Convention (or GCIV) relates to the protection of civilians during times of war "in the hands" of an enemy and under any occupation by a foreign power. The convention was p

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Following years of negotiations aimed at establishing a permanent international tribunal to punish individuals who commit genocide and other serious international crimes, the United Nations General As

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On December 10th, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the full text of which appears in the following pages. Following this

Zakat Fund Law

Since the decision to dissolve all 92 Palestinian Zakat Committees by the government of Salam Fayadh last October, this issue has been the subject of controversy. While the government used terms such

Charity Issues

Khalifa Humanitarian Foundation saves one of the best schools in Gaza

UAE Khalifa Foundation saves one of the best schools in Gaza,through paying teacher salaries,and providing all necessary items

Free corrective surgeries to children from Jordan, Palestine and Syria

Operation Smile UAE has provided free corrective surgeries to children from Jordan, Palestine and Syria born with deformaties

UAE handed 40 world-class schools and institutes to Pakistan

UAE has accomplished 40 world-class schools and institutes and handed them over to the local authorities in Pakistan.

Italian aid program for Palestinians at Gaza refugee camp in Jordan.

The Italian Development Cooperation Agency started the implementation of aid program for Palestinians at Gaza refugee camp in Jordan.

Hamdan bin Zayed :UAE committed to improving refugees conditions

In a statement on the World Refugee Day, which falls on June 20, Sheikh Hamdan reiterated UAE's commitment to humanitarian stands

Qatar Charity unveils its summer activities for over a month

(QC) has announced its summer activities due to be launched next week in its centers located in Doha, Al Khor, and Al Rayyan.

PRCS and QRC sign an agreement to implement joint projects

PRCS and the Qatar Red Crescent sign an agreement to implement joint programs in the west Bank, the Gaza Strip and refugee camps

UAE President orders Dh500 million urgent food aid for Yemeni people

UAE President ordered approving Dh500 million for buying food items to be distributed among Yemeni people on urgent basis

Union Campaigns

The Palestinian gathering " AlQuds gathers us" calls for unifying the nation

The activities of the seventh annual gathering of the Palestinian community in Britain starts today, in London and in Manchester

Al-Wafa aid convoy arrived to Gaza on Wednesday evening

Al- Wafa 2 aid convoy arrived to the Gaza Strip through Rafah crossing received by several senior government official

A delegtion of (OIC), The Islamic Relief, and Arab Doctors Union arrives to Gaza tomorrow

A joint delegation of (OIC),and The Islamic Relief, and Arab Doctors Union will arrive to Gaza tomorrow evening to discuss supporting Gaza

Ismail Haneya hailed the efforts of Ansar II, and Miles of Smiles to break Gaza siege.

Prime Minister of Gaza caretaker government, Ismail Haneya hailed the efforts of Ansar II, and Miles of Smiles to break Gaza siege.

The Jordanian Ansar II convoy is leaving to Gaza tomorrow

A hundred syndicalistic, party activist ,and supporters are participating in the Jordanian Ansar II convoy leaving to Gaza tomorrow

Aid convoy “Anssar 2” heading to Gaza Strip to boost the steadfastness of the Palestinians

The Jordanian aid convoy “Anssar 2” heading to Gaza Strip to boost the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in the Nakba memory

Two solidarity delegation : one Turkish and another Egyptian arrived to Gaza

A Turkish delegation accompanied with some Turkish MPs, and a delegation of International Egyptian Coalition arrived to Gaza.

Preparations for a boycott campaign in UK against Israeli dates

“Don’t break your fasting with Israeli dates” is the title of a new boycotting campaign against Israel in UK.